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Giulia Rozzi is a Los Angeles based writer and comedian originally from Boston.

She has written for HBO Max's South Side, MTV's Girl Code and Silent Library, TV Land's Younger, and Bravo's Odd Mom Out. Giulia has also been published in The New Yorker, Refinery29, Esquire, and Huffington Post and in the anthologies Eating Salad Drunk, Mortified and My Parents Were Awesome. She is currently in development on her first feature.

Giulia's TV appearances include Conan, After Midnight, Comedy Central's Stand-Up Featuring, Lights Out With David Spade and This Is Not Happening, Chelsea Lately, IFC, and TruTV. Her comedy album True Love was named one of Sirius XM's best of the year and her solo show Bad Bride received critical acclaim. She's a Moth Grand Slam winner and gave a TEDx talk on humor and healing

As a first generation American with a very Italian name she is constantly asked  "were you named after Julia Gulia from the Wedding Singer?" and the answer is no.

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photo by Lee Jameson

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"Giulia Rozzi is the smart friend everyone needs in their lives. An intelligent, perceptive mind that’s almost painfully aware of the foibles bound up in modern day living, Rozzi spins that awareness into an amusing perspective.It seems like only a matter of time before one of the major video streaming services (Netflix, cough cough) gives her a one-hour standup special." - Paste Magazine


"Giulia Rozzi is a true comedic factotum — a jack of all trades — who has a well-developed talent, crucial in comedy, for making virtually any story extremely relatable. But beyond being merely relatable, Rozzi's humor is often deeply cathartic." - Vulture

"A sharp wit and a captivating delivery." - The Laugh Button

"A mix of a 7-year-old child and 70-year-old dad"- The Washington Post



photo by Yoko Haraoka

"The brains behind Bad Bride—a 60-minute UCB show chronicling a quarter-life crisis—as well as a TEDx talk on loneliness, Ms. Rozzi lends both a sweet and tart figure to her rising star." - New York Observer


"This girl may be the future. Funny, good pacing, original and with the times. I chuckled, I laughed, I forgot I was working! She really does encompass the female angle that we crave right now, brutally honest and open." - SiriusXM Rawdog Comedy

"The sex-positive grown-ass lady Giulia Rozzi is an incredibly personable storyteller." - BUST Magazine


"A hilarious stand-up comic" -The Village Voice




photo by Kim Newmoney

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