TRUE LOVE debuted in February 2016 in the top 5 on iTunes and was

named one of the best albums of 2016 by SiriusXM Comedy.


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"You’ll be instantly on board with a voicemail intro from Giulia’s super sweet mom. Let’s just say Mama doesn’t like to be joked about! The album gives you a peek into Giulia’s ultra relatable world. You’ll laugh heartily at her encounters with real world catcallers and Internet trolls, the online witch and nutrition obsessed ex, her Spring Break experience as a cornrow-adorned ingenue, her adorable stereotypical nonna, and other mildly inappropriate shenanigans. Don’t hesitate to add this album to your comedy collection!" - Comedy Cake

"An intelligent, perceptive mind that’s almost painfully aware of the foibles bound up in modern day living, Rozzi spins that awareness into an amusing perspective. Her topics range from romance, her immigrant parents, living in New York City and Internet trolls (among others), which might feel well trodden within the world of stand-up comedy. Rozzi, however, approaches them with a wry take that breathes new life into each one.The first half of her comedy album True Love deals largely with Rozzi’s many romantic failings, from her first oral sex experience to her marriage and subsequent divorce. Lucky for listeners, those failings are hilariously relatable in a way that other comics don’t always achieve. For every joke detailing her sex life, she offers an observation keenly conscious of how relationships work nowadays."- Paste Magazine



"I love your music!"- a girl on Facebook that Giulia went to high school with that has no idea what she does for a living.

"Rozzi unabashedly approaching subjects such as catcalling, getting healthy, the ex who hired online witches, and several other topics with a sharp wit and a captivating delivery." - The Laugh Button