Feedback from students:


"Giulia provides an easy to understand framework for storytelling that applies to anyone who wants to tell interesting stories. Our group included comedians, writers, and corporate speakers, and everyone was able to walk away with helpful new insights for engaging people."

- Nathan, Austin


"Giulia's class has given me the confidence to actually believe that I could get up in front of a room full of strangers and tell a story."- Craig, New York


"Being in your Comedic Storytelling Class was very helpful for me, as I am someone who has a hard time condensing stories into shorter time frames and making them specific.  Your feedback about my story was very helpful and has already come in handy in some writing that I've done.  I also greatly appreciated the amount of care and attention you put into the overall session. It was clear for me to see that you are someone who takes great pride in her work, which is inspiring." - Brittany, Boston



For the past seven years I've been working with performers of all levels to take their personal experiences and turn them into entertaining, engaging, and vulnerable art.  I've taught storytelling workshop at theatres around the US and UK and recently directed the solo show It's Christi Bitch starring Christi Chiello at Ars Nova in NYC. Clients include: The Nursery Theatre in London, New Movement Theatre in Austin and New Orleans, Improv Boston, The Women In Comedy Festival, Speakeasy Stories in Washington DC, Steel Sacks in Bethlehem PA, Prudential and CMG Partners. I love helping people use stories to connect, heal and laugh at how weird, amazing and fucked up all of our lives are!


TEACHING: Group storytelling workshop can be presented either as a one-day three hour class or a two-day six-hour (three/day) class with a performance at the end of day two. Classes are great for both professional performers and people that just want to get better at speaking and sharing stories in front of others.


DIRECTING:  I'm available for private consulting as a show director (solo shows, storytelling shows, theatre) or public speaking coach.


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Photo by Eric Michael Pearson

Photo by Eric Michael Pearson


Photo by Yoko Haro