Hopefully We Don't Break Up:

Described by the Onion AV Club as "a step above your typical relationship advice podcast" and named one of BUST's 10 Best Bets of Winter 2016,  each week comedians and real-life couple Giulia Rozzi and Will Miles welcome another couple onto the show to have an honest, humorous and thought-provoking conversation about love, relationships and how to make it all work. Listen/subscribe on iTunes. Also follow them on Twitter and Instragram at @HWDBUpodcast for quotable insights. More at HopefullyWeDontBreakUp.com

1013931_10152887220610467_978403755_n Stripped Stories FINAL PROOF

First Set:

A live show in which comedians are interviewed as they share rare and embarrassing footage of one of their first sets. Don't worry, they'll perform current material, too. Shows monthly at Union Hall in Brooklyn NY and touring.  Co-produced with Christina Morales.

Bad Bride is a solo show written by & starring Giulia Rozzi and directed & co-written by Brandy Barber. In this critically acclaimed candid show Giulia Rozzi ''fesses up about being a depressed, drunk, coward, that got married when she knew she wasn't ready. More info here.

Stripped Stories is a live show co-hosted/created by Giulia Rozzi and Margot Leitman invite comedians, musicians and guests to reveal hysterically honest stories about their sex lives. Margot and Giulia will reveal her own juicy stories amidst games, audience interviews and hookups... hopefully. Stripped Stories is one of the first comedic storytelling shows of its kind running for nearly 10 years to sold out audiences across the US. More info at strippedstories.com

Seeing Other People is a six episode web series created by Giulia Rozzi and Brooke Van Popplen about two seemingly happy couples that decide to "take a break" as friends. The series follows each pair as they each attempt to get back out there and "date" other couples in hopes of finding new and improved besties. Watch the series & learn more at SeeingOtherPeopleSeries.com