Photo by Mindy Tucker

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"Giulia Rozzi is a true comedic factotum — a jack of all trades — who has a well-developed talent, crucial in comedy, for making virtually any story extremely relatable. But beyond being merely relatable, Rozzi's humor is often deeply cathartic." - Splitsider

"One of my jobs as a club owner/booker is to keep an eye out for those comics that really have IT - that something special that sets them apart.  Giulia is one of those comics.  She's got great jokes, great presence, and a distinctive voice. " - Tim McIntire, owner Mottley's Comedy Club



"highly crushable" -


"Giulia is a total professional and her comedy style is animated, original and absolutely hilarious!" -Allison Cohn, casting director

"Giulia always provides the perfect combination of honesty and humor" - Jim Gaffigan, comedian


"The brains behind Bad Bride—a 60-minute UCB show chronicling a quarter-life crisis—as well as a TEDx talk on loneliness, Ms. Rozzi lends both a sweet and tart figure to her rising star." - New York Observer


"A hilarious stand-up comic" -The Village Voice